Disney+ to Crack Down on Password Sharing, Following Netflix’s Lead

Disney+ is planning to crack down on password sharing to promote individual account ownership, following Netflix’s successful subscription rate increase strategy.

At a glance

  • Disney+ to crack down on password sharing later this year
  • New technology to identify multiple users on single accounts
  • Subscribers can still create multiple profiles within their own homes
  • Strict rules to prevent sharing between different households
  • Disney aims to boost revenue through individual account ownership

The details

Disney+ will implement measures to crack down on password sharing later this year.

The aim is to compel users to have their accounts by using automated services to identify instances of multiple people using a single account.

Despite this crackdown, Disney+ subscribers will still be able to create multiple profiles within their own homes.

The new technology being introduced will enforce strict rules to prevent the sharing of accounts between different households.

Bob Iger, Disney’s chief executive, referenced Netflix’s success in increasing subscription rates by compelling users to purchase their own subscriptions.

Beginning in June in select countries, Disney will gradually introduce its own version of password sharing restrictions which will be implemented more broadly from September onwards.

This move is part of Disney’s strategy to enhance revenue generation through the promotion of individual account ownership.

The success of Netflix, considered the gold standard in streaming services, has been a key influence on Disney’s decision-making process.

The company holds Netflix’s achievements in high esteem and aims to replicate its success in boosting subscription numbers through the enforcement of account-sharing limitations.

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– Disney+ will crack down on password sharing later this year
– Aim is to force people to get their own accounts
– Automated services will be used to spot multiple people using one account
– Disney+ subscribers can still have multiple profiles in their own home
– New technology will enforce rules to stop sharing accounts with different households
– Bob Iger, Disney’s chief executive, pointed to Netflix’s success in forcing people to buy their own subscriptions
– Disney will start introducing its own version from June in select countries
– Crackdown will roll out more broadly from September
– Disney+ aims to boost revenue with this move
– Netflix saw a jump in subscribers after cracking down on password sharing
– Netflix is seen as the gold standard in streaming
– Disney has high regard for Netflix’s accomplishments

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